Internet provider in Alozaina.

We take the internet where other companies do not reach, with the highest speed.

  • Internet provider in Sierra de las Nieves and Guadalhorce Valley
  • No downtime, up to 100 mb internet access via Wifi (WiMAX).
  • Providing the best customer service 24/7
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Rural internet coverage map alozaina de Conred Del Valle del Guadalhorce

Fiber and Wifi internet

Alhaurín El Grande (incluye Villafranco), Pizarra, Monda (solo Polígono Industrial)

Only Internet via Wifi

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Wifi (Wimax) Optical fiber

10Mb 40Mb 60Mb 100Mb
No line 1 line 3 lines
35 Gb of data
60 Gb of data
VAT included
600Mb 1Gb
No line 1 line 3 lines
  • 20 GB of data
  • 60 GB of data
60 Gb of data
VAT included

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Frequently asked questions

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How does your service work, is it satellite technology, wifi, fibre,...?

We work with our own fibre and radio network. We are specialised in bringing internet service to where nobody else reaches. To do this we use our own infrastructure with Wimax technology. We send the signal directly from our repeaters to the antenna installed in your home. We also have our own fibre network in some municipalities. Call us and check the coverage you have.

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Are there any health risks?

For our radio network we use WIMAX technology. It is a very low power system very similar to the WIFI you have at home.

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How fast do I need to watch Netflix while my child plays console games?

To use the Internet in these conditions, it is advisable to contract at least 40 megabytes, but if there are several of you at home and you are going to enjoy these services simultaneously on several devices, the ideal solution would be to have a 100Mb Internet connection.

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Are the megabytes used up?

No. It's about the speed of your connection, not a data limit. You will be able to surf as much as you want without limits.

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Does the equipment you install consume a lot of electricity?

No. The equipment necessary to enjoy the connection is a router and an antenna, and consume a minimum of electricity. Even if they are connected all day long, you wont notice a significant increase in your electricity bill.

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If I contract 10 megabytes and then I want to extend it, do I have to change the installation?

No. If you want to increase the speed of your contract, you only have to call us and we will make the change in the same call.

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What do I need to know about collections?

We cannot accept payment in cash, for greater security and billing control we only accept payments through bank accounts or bank cards. We have a system of maximum security and trust to manage these payments without any risk.

If you do not have money in your account when the bill is due, you can pay it later through the customer area, making the payment manually. Although you will have to pay a charge of 5 euros.

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What is included in the installation and how long does it take from the time I contract?

The installation includes the technician's labour, a router, an antenna with support and the necessary cabling.

In terms of time, between 48 and 72 hours you will be able to use the service. Once you sign up, our technicians will contact you to arrange an appointment to carry out the installation and once it is done, you will be able to enjoy your connection.

Depending on the complexity of the installation, between one and two hours is the average time the technician takes to carry out the installation.

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What is portability like, can I keep my phone number?

ou don't need to do anything in relation to portability. We will take care of all the necessary steps to carry out the portability. We will send you a SIM card and inform you how and when to make the change.

You can keep your current phone number. Once we give you the service, we will take care of the portability process, which can take between 72 and 96 hours. It is very important that you do not cancel your service with your previous operator until we have completed the porting process.

The cancellation with your previous provider cannot be done for you: You will have to process it personally, for security reasons and data protection law, these procedures must be carried out by the customer with your previous provider.

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If I have a problem with my out-of-hours connection, how can I contact you?

We have a customer service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, or if you prefer, through the customer area you can create a ticket and our technicians will contact you as soon as possible.

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I don't have internet on my mobile phone because I have switched to your service or because I have changed my handset. What can I do?

This is probably because you need to configure the APN. For this, we have a video video explaining how to do it.

Where others do not reach

We bring internet connection beyond the cities, to every house in the guadalhorce valley, even to the most remote ones.

Internet speed 100mb alozaina Rural areas Internet where others do not reach up to 100mb
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Rural Internet with 24h 365 days support alozaina Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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